Corona policy

Corona policy

This corona policy explains how Ashtanga Yoga Eindhoven deals with the guidelines by the RIVM on social distancing and hygiene. If you cannot abide by the rules in this policy, access to the Shala will not be possible.

All general rules of the government can be found at the site of the Government (Dutch, English) and the site of the RIVM (Dutch, English)

What you can expect from Ashtanga Yoga Eindhoven


  • Only when the teacher has no cough, cold or fever he or she will teach. When both our teachers cannot teach, the class will be canceled.
  • Teachers will wash their hands before entering the Shala and regular during the classes.
  • After the class the full floor will be cleaned.
  • Hall toilets will be cleaned daily.
  • All door knobs will be cleaned daily.

Social distancing

  • Guidance as normal unless the student using one of the guidance cards.


  • The ventilation system will be on during and after class.
  • The windows will be open during and after class for extra ventilation.
  • An air purifier is installed to clean the air.

What we expect from our students


  • Students that tested positive on Corona virus (and are not yet recovered) or have done a Corona test and are waiting for the results, shall not come to the Shala.
  • Students where a family member (from the same household) is tested positive for Corona shall not come to class.
  • Students that have a cough, a cold or fever shall not come to the Shala.
  • Students will wash their hands before entering the Shala. Hand-sanitiser will be available.
  • After your practice you no longer have to clean your spot. Before your practice you can clean your spot if you want. Paper and detergent is available in the room.
  • You can bring your own bottle of water. Drinking water during the practice is not recommended.

Social distancing

  • Students shall follow the green signs to enter the building and the Shala and the orange signs to exit the building and the Shala. Most of the route is one-way. Where the route is crossing, please keep left (signs will indicate the crossing).
  • Shoes shall be left outside of the Shala, on the right side of the first door so you can easily pick them up on your way out.
  • Students can put their belongings inside the shower/tea room. Only 3 persons at the time, and keep 1.5 meter distance. Please make sure your phone is completely switched off or in flight modus.
  • When choosing a spot take notice of fellow students if their mats that has a guidance card. Please keep your distance from these yoga mats.
  • When leaving the Shala follow the orange arrows (as indicated on the floorplan).

Movement through the buildings

We changed the way we move through the building to one-way as much as possible. The normal entrance to the building will now be the exit-door. We will use the main entrance of the building to enter it. The green arrows in below building floor plan indicate the path to get into the Shala. The orange arrows indicate the path from the Shala to the exit door.

Building floorplan

In the hallway we have a small spot (red circle) where the 1.5 meter can only be guaranteed if there is only 1 person in that area. In the hallway we ask you to keep left as much as possible. Signs will indicate this. The first door to the Shala is the entrance door. The second door to the Shala is the exit door.

Shala floorplan and hallway

Inside the Shala you can move as you like and choose any yoga spots as you like. Do keep lines as we used to do. Please keep some distance from yoga mats with a guidance card in front of it.

The letters and numbers are removed from the wall.

The tea area and changing room are available to students. Only 3 persons at a time and keep the 1.5 meter distance. The shower is available.

Guidance cards

The default Guidance is back to “Normal guidance”. The guidance cards are now only used if you don’t want normal guidance.

There will be 2 types of guidance cards. Students can pick either “No Physical guidance” or “Limited guidance”.

The difference between “Normal guidance” and “Limited guidance” are: assistance in back-bending is not done, no body-presses, and no contact with the students hands.

This policy is meant to be in line with the guidelines of the RIVM. If you have doubts, please inform us via our contact form.