Welcome to our Shala!

We invite you to Take Practice. The Mysore Ashtanga Yoga method is suitable for all those willing to work on their physical, mental, and spiritual development. This practice has been passed down through the generations and when taught according to the traditional method can provide an effective physical and mental discipline as well as a truly spiritual means for total personal transformation.

Nick and Katia have been practicing and teaching this Yoga method for over twenty years each in exactly the way they were taught by the Jois family in Mysore, South India. They are both Authorised by SYC and KPJAYI to teach and guide students from complete beginners to advanced with kindness and respect. The community is warm and welcoming, a safe space to retreat from the trials and stresses of daily life.

Cultivating a steady daily practice however long or short is an effective way of improving strength, flexibility, concentration, mental equanimity, and vibrant immune function. It is the greatest gift you can give yourself.


Nick and Katia

Ashtanga Yoga Eindhoven

Daily traditional Mysore style Ashtanga Yoga

with experienced teachers authorised (level 1 and level 2)

by KPJAYI / SYC Mysore South India.

Ashtanga Yoga Eindhoven – Mantras

We recorded the Opening and Closing prayers that we use in the Mysore class and the mantras from our chanting class. They can guide you in your practice.

May all beings be happy!


On Moondays there is no class, take rest.

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