Ashtanga Introduction


At Ashtanga Yoga Eindhoven we teach traditional ‘mysore style’ ashtanga yoga classes following the method taught at the KPJAYI Ashtanga Yoga Institute, and at SYC Mysore, South India. These are the only Ashtanga Yoga institutes world wide that have the authority to qualify Ashtanga yoga teachers to teach the method.

The Mysore method is individualised practice within a group setting. The classes are taught in silence with students receiving ‘hands on” therapeutic adjustments from the teacher. The student can express at any time if they would prefer not to receive an adjustment and their wishes will always be respected.

The student memorises the primary series, then intermediate and then the advanced series’ posture by posture, each posture preparing the body and mind for the next.

The practice should ideally be done every day (with the exception of full and new moon days, Saturday or Sunday and the first three days of menstruation). This daily repetition builds a deep heat in the body which allows it to open, purify and transform safely. If this heat is not developed the risk of injury is greater.

So the practice will start short (about 20 minutes) and eventually when the whole primary series is learnt about an hour and a half. The student should only practice asanas given by the teacher, asanas should not be skipped, or modified without the teachers approval.

Even if the student is feeling unwell (with the exception of fever and open wounds) a short practice is better than no practice at all.