Ashtanga benefits


From the beginning of our engagement with the practice it’s benefits can be felt in the depth of our breathing, it’s effect on our nervous system, our increased capacity for concentration and on our overall energy levels and sense of wellbeing.

This process cannot be hurried, the body need time to adapt as does the mind and emotional body. For this reason patience is a key element to a successful relationship with your practice.

The practice over time will realign physical imbalances and bring steadiness, strength and flexibility to the body. The breathing system will thin and purify the blood allowing it to move more freely through the body, the organs will be cleaned as the circulation improves. The digestive fire is kindled and metabolic function increases dramatically. Old pain (both emotional and physical) held in our bodies can be uprooted and released.   The consistent practitioner will begin to become aware of their mental patterns and the effect they have on others and their own lives. The possibility of repatterning limiting beliefs and low self esteem as well as curbing excessive egoic behavior are very real benefits if the practice is undertaken with consistency, humility and dedication.

Pattabhi Jois said “do your practice and all is coming”. He advised that practising with consistency and perseverance will yield results in 100% of cases.

Ashtanga yoga is a moving meditation.  The memorization and repetition of the sequence and internal focus help to bring the mind and body into harmony and creates a deep state of concentration.  As Pattabhi Jois, said in Yoga Mālā: “If we practice the science of yoga, which is useful to the entire human community and which yields happiness both here and hereafter – if we practice it without fail, we will then attain physical, mental and spiritual happiness, and our minds will flood towards the Self.”