Privacy Statement

Privacy statement

Ashtanga Yoga Eindhoven takes care to keep our students personal information secure.  

The requested information is obligatory to be able to use the services of Ashtanga Yoga Eindhoven. When the student does not provide the requested information the student cannot make use of the services of Ashtanga Yoga Eindhoven.

What information does Ashtanga Yoga Eindhoven collect?

Ashtanga Yoga Eindhoven collects the following personal information:

  • Name
  • Adres
  • Date of birth
  • E-mail address
  • Bank account number
  • Authorization to collect membership-fee and tuition. 
  • Membership type (see Terms And Conditions for the different membership types)
  • Class attendance
  • Permission to use the students personal data
  • Consent of a parent or guardian for student younger than 16 years old. 

How does Ashtanga Yoga Eindhoven uses the collected information?

The collected information is used in the following ways: 

  • to collect the student payments for the services Ashtanga Yoga Eindhoven provides. 
  • in our Financial Administration for tax authorities.
  • the first name of the student (when duplicate also (part of) the last name) will appear on the attendance list inside the classroom as long as the student uses our services.
  • sending e-mails i.e. with information on classes, as long as the student uses our services.
  • sending newsletters
  • To date of birth is used to determine if consent of a parent of guardian is needed. 

Student data is not used in automated processes of any kind. 

Sharing student information with others.

Ashtanga Yoga Eindhoven shares student information only with: 

  • our accountant(s)
  • our business analyst
  • our marketing manager
  • the tax authorities (when requested)

Our ICT developer is responsible for securing the students personal data. In some cases access to the data is needed. 

Student rights.

The student has the right to:

  • to have insight in the students personal data.
  • to file a change request on the students personal data.
  • to request removal of the students personal data.
  • to withdraw the students approval to Ashtanga Yoga Eindhoven to use the students personal data. (exception when there is one or more payment arrears)

When the student does a request for removal the following will happen. 

The students name will be removed from the attendance list. 

The students information will:

  • be removed from web servers within 60 days. 
  • no longer be used in class e-mails.
  • no longer be used for newsletters. 

The students information will not be removed from the financial administration due to Dutch TAX laws. 

How does Ashtanga Yoga Eindhoven secures student information?

  • Student information is stored on pasword protected computer systems of Ashtanga Yoga Eindhoven.
  • E-mail traffic between the student and Ashtanga Yoga Eindhoven is stored on servers of Versio B.V. The server backup system has a retention policy of 60 days. 

How long does Ashtanga Yoga Eindhoven store student information?

Ashtanga Yoga Eindhoven stores information for a maximum of 8 years after the last service is provided. 

When the students stops using our services in for example september 2019, Ashtanga Yoga Eindhoven will store the students information until december 2026.

Responsible persons for data-protection within Ashtanga Yoga Eindhoven

  • Katia Gomez
  • Nick Evans

Student can reach us through

How to file a complaint on Ashtanga Yoga Eindhoven its privacy statement? 

Complains on the privacy statement can be send to

A complaint can also be filed with the “Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens” (