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Yoga Sutras study program

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The yoga sutras study program is a six weeks study program focussing on the recitation of the first book of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (The Samadhi Pada). Ashtanga Yoga was commonly referred to by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois as Patanjali Yoga. This ancient text is the root philosophy and guide book for any serious aspirant of Yoga. As the practitioner deepens their yogic enquiry a relationship with this text becomes invaluable. As the first Sutra of the second book of the Yoga sutras (the Sadhana Pada) states –

2.1 Yoga in the form of action (kriya yoga) has three parts: 1) training and purifying the senses (tapas), 2) self-study in the context of teachings (svadhyaya), and 3) devotion and letting go into the creative source from which we emerged (ishvara pranidhana).
(tapah svadhyaya ishvara-pranidhana kriya-yogah)

The self study aspect of these three elements is recognised by our teachers in Mysore as being, the memorisation and recitation of the ancient spiritual texts of India to benefit from the deep vibrations the sanskrit syllables have in the mind and body. The effects enhance concentration and deepen our awareness and mental capacities.

The student will spend the first half of the class chanting the entire Samadhi Pada and then systematically studying each sutra to gain understanding of it’s meaning. By the end of the course the student will have a grasp of the Shruti Parampara method of vedic recitation as well as a sense of the various interpretations of each sutra.

The classes will be led by Nick who spent over ten years studying this text amongst others under the guidance of Professor MV Varadarajaan of SDM College Mysore.


The schedule will be available soon.


Members: 95 euro’s

Non-members: 100 euro’s

Special offer

Participants of the Yoga Sutras Study Program that are not a member of Ashtanga Yoga Eindhoven can attend Sunday morning classes for free during the six weeks of the program.


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