Online Conference


Ashtanga Yoga Eindhoven Conference

5th of April, 11:00am

Thanks to all participants that joined the conference on the 22nd and the 29th of March!

If you have any remarks on those conferences that you would like to share please contact us via the contact page.


Next conference will be on the 5th of April, 11:00 am.

Meeting ID: 832 686 813


Maximum capacity is 100 participants.
The host will start the meeting approximately ten minutes prior to the starting time.
Uncertainty on the Conference Topic

We had some questions on what a conference is, and if there should be ‘a topic’. We would like to share our thoughts on that.

A Conference is ashtanga community support, lecture and discussion with regard to the method. An opportunity to discuss doubts and obstacles and to clarify the traditional methodology in a question and answer setting.

There will not be ‘a topic’, it’s not a lecture in the traditional sense, it’s ‘satsang’ or a spiritual gathering where the subjects are intuited and the objective is peace of mind.

An important part of the conference is the room for questions. How to ask question can be read below.

Getting Zoom
Go to
download in the App Store of Google Play


Entering the meeting
When you are entering the meeting your microphone is initially muted.
When you enter before 11:00 it is ok to unmute for a short while and say “Hi!”.
When you enter after 11:00 please keep your microphone on mute.
There will be time for questions
When you have a question you can use the “raise hand” option of Zoom (On phones: it is available in the “more” section of the menu). Our moderator Richard will invite you to ask your question when Nick is ready to take questions (He wil use the name you provided to Zoom for this).
When you are invited for your question, the moderator will unmute you and invite you verbally.
The moderator will lower your hand.
Alternatively, you can ask your question via chat, either directly to ‘everyone’ so everybody can see the question, or you can ask the moderator Richard to ask the question for you.
Contact the moderator
When you want to contact the moderator (Richard) you can use the chat option (on phones: it is available in the “more” section of the menu).
If you have trouble getting into the meeting, you can contact the host via email:


On some phones the Zoom app does not show camera when you are in “Save Driving Mode”. You have to disable the “Save Driving Mode”.

The app will ask if you allow it to use the camera and the microphone. Please allow. If you did not allow and you want to change that, you have to go to your phone settings and allow the Zoom App to use your microphone and video.

More support can be found on the Zoom website: