Ashtanga yoga is taught in the traditional Mysore style .

Once a week there is a led class on Friday.

On Moondays there are no lessons.

Note: New beginner students should arrive after 7:30 am.

Monday to Thursday


Doors open 5:45am

Opening prayer 6:20am

6:00am-8:00am (Nick & Katia)

8:00am-9:00am (Nick)

9:00am-11:00am (Katia)


Led class – full primary

6:00am-8:00am (Nick)


8:45am-11:00am (Katia)


On Saturday there are no classes.



8:00am-10:00am (Nick & Katia)

Mysore style

Mysore style

At Ashtanga Yoga Eindhoven we have the following classes.

Mysore class

Students practice independently and at their own pace while surrounded by the energy and inspiration of other students in the room.
The teacher works with each student individually.
Students are taught a sequence of postures. Each posture is taught by one-on-one instruction. The sequence is build up gradually and the student memorises the sequence.

Led class

The whole class follows the traditional Sanskrit count of the Ashtanga primary series, and refines their practice by synchronising each movement with each breath. This class is for students who already have a steady Mysore practice and want to progress to a greater level of proficiency. When the student reaches the last asana they were taught in the Mysore class, they take their mat to the back of the room and begin the finishing sequence.


Moondays 2023


Full moon: Saturday 7 Jan 2023
New moon: Saturday 21 Jan 2023


Full moon: Sunday 5 Feb 2023
New moon: Monday 20 Feb 2023


Full moon: Tuesday 7 Mar 2023
New moon: Tuesday 21 Mar 2023


Full moon: Thursday 6 Apr 2023
New moon: Thursday 20 Apr 2023


Full moon: Friday 5 May 2023
New moon: Friday 19 May 2023


Full moon: Sunday 4 Jun 2023
New moon: Sunday 18 Jun 2023


Full moon: Monday 3 Jul 2023
New moon: Monday 17 Jul 2023


Full moon: Tuesday 1 Aug 2023
New moon: Wednesday 16 Aug 2023

Full Moon: Thursday 31st August 2023


New moon: Friday 15 Sep 2023
Full moon: Friday 29 Sep 2023


New moon: Saturday 14 Oct 2023
Full moon: Saturday 28 Oct 2023


New moon: Monday 13 Nov 2023
Full moon: Monday 27 Nov 2023


New Moon: Wednesday 13 Dec 2023
Full Moon : Wednesday 27 Dec 2023

*note, on the days when there is a Moonday on a Friday we will have the Led Class at 6.00am on the Thursday, followed by Mysore as usual from 8:00 – 11:00. Last arrival at 10.00.

Class Etiquette

Class etiquette


  • When the teacher is not present in the Shala at the beginning of class, students may not enter the Shala.
  • No drinking and eating in all rooms, with exception of the canteen.
  • No smoking in the building.
  • No shoes in the Shala.
  • Bring belongings and valuables with you inside the classroom.


  • Keep the spoken communication to a minimum. As a general rule; don’t speak unless spoken too.
  • When attending a yoga class make sure you are clean and fresh. Use unscented deodorant when needed. Do not use lotions, moisturisers or oils since this makes the skin slippery making it difficult to adjust safely.
  • Wear comfortable clean clothes, in which you can move easily.
  • We do not supply yoga mats or blankets to students. You have to bring your own. Make sure the yoga mat, rug and towel are clean and odor free.
  • It is advised not to eat later than two hours before class and 30 minutes  after practice.
  • Please communicate any injuries or illnesses to the teacher.
  • Ashtanga yoga uses ‘hands on’ therapeutic adjustments. The student can express at any time if they would prefer not to receive an adjustment and their wishes will always be respected. Be aware these adjustments are part of the nature of teaching Mysore-style ashtanga. Without these adjustments progress in your practice might me less.

Make sure to read the code of conduct section in the Terms And Conditions.