Beginners course

Beginners Course


In this introduction to the Mysore method of Ashtanga Yoga, students will learn the foundation of the practice, breathing method, energetic locks and gazing known in Sanskrit as “Tristana”.

In the Mysore class the student memorizes the sun salutations and the standing postures to establish a foundation for proceeding with his or her own personal yoga practice safely and steadily.

The benefits of a consistent Ashtanga yoga practice are greater strength, flexibility, concentration, metabolic efficiency, improved digestion , greater energy levels and peace of mind. Ashtanga is a process that can transform your life in a profound way.

We welcome all new students with love and respect.

Get the chance to start with our beginners course
|  Monday 30th of September |
For 2 months – 3 times per week 8-9am


Course details

The Beginners Course starts Monday 30th of September

and ends Monday 25th of November.

For two months, 3 times a week on

Monday – Thursday *)


Introduction price: 100 euros



Additional conditions

1) A student can only enrol once in a Beginners Course

2) The time slot (8:00am-9:00am) is fixed.

See also section 9. Workshops in our Terms And Conditions.



*) On moondays, there are no lessons.




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