Workshop with Laksmish Bhat

Vidwan Sri. Laksmish Bhat from SYC/KPJAYI

We are very honoured to welcome Lakshmish to our Shala in Eindhoven for workshops on Vedic Chanting, Yoga Philosophy, and a traditional Vedic Ganesha Pooja.

If you would like to attend, mark the 21st and 22nd of February 2023 in your agenda.

Lakshmish Bhat is currently the teacher of Sanskrit, Chanting and Philosophy at Sharath Yoga Center (SYC) in Mysore, India and at the request of Sharath Jois he started teaching the theoretical aspect of Yoga and Indian culture since 2003 first at KPJAYI and now at the SYC.

He was born in 1978 into a Brahmin family of humble origins in a small village, Madgeri, near Gokarna (place sacred to Shiva) located in Karnataka, a state in South India. He studied Sanskrit in the traditional method for 8 years and in 2000 he went to Mysore Maharaja Sanskrit College to further his studies in Advaita Vedanta. He obtained the title of Vidwan (professor)  in the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta and subsequently in 2006 he obtained a specialization in Sanskrit at the University of Mysore.
In 2006 he married Ranjita and they have a son, Gautama.

To date, Lakshmish has taught hundreds of students the theory of Yoga and Sanskrit, a fundamental basis for those who want to deepen their understanding of this traditional yoga method.


Tuesday 21st February.
18.00 – 20.00

Lakshmish Bhat introduces himself:
His family tradition, Vedic studies in Mysore and his connection to the Jois family.

Basics of chanting and explanation of the meaning of mantras , history of astanga yoga mantra , recitation of asanas and Sanskrit numbers.
Basics of Chanting of the Mantra of Peace, of the Ashtanga mantra, recitation of the asanas and numbers in Sanskrit.
Hatha Yoga Pradipika – what this fundamental text on yoga is about and what importance it has in the Indian tradition of Yoga, chanting of some selected verses mainly from the first chapter.
Basic knowledge useful for a yoga practitioner including relationship between teacher and student, guru-śiṣya, parampara and the meaning of all these within the Vedic vision.
Japa, Stories of Lakshmishaji.


Wednesday 22nd February.
18.00 – 19.00.

Basics of Chanting of the Mantra of Peace, of the Ashtanga mantra, recitation of the asanas and numbers in Sanskrit.
Yoga Sutra – Selection of some verses; chanting and explanation .
Lakshmishaji takes us further in understanding Yoga based on the teachings of the previous days, discussion .
Japa, Stories of Lakshmishaji.


Wednesday 22nd February.


Ganesha puja – All are welcome – Explanation of Puja and Hindu /bhakti Yoga rituals.

Please bring red flowers and fruit to offer.

This part of the workshop is open to everyone and can be paid for by donation.

The cost for the full workshop is 60 euros. Plus a donation for the Puja.


Please book your place here.