Online Chanting Class

Online Chanting Class

 28th of June, after the conference, approximately 12:00pm.

The chanting class will cover six short mantras we have posted on the online section of our website, followed by 108 repetitions of Om Gam Ganapataye namaha.

The prayers for the class can be found here.

You can use the online videos to practice.


Since we will open the Shala again on the first of July this will be the last online-chanting class

It has been an unexpected pleasure sharing teachings online, and the response gave us a real sense of community when physical presence was not available. Thank you for your attendance and attention, much appreciated.


Nick, Katia and Morgan


Zoom credentials

Meeting ID: 826 4930 7584

Password: 586270

Maximum capacity is 100 participants.


If you have trouble to get into the meeting, please contact


Waiting room

To not disturb the online conference, no participants will be added between 11:45am and the end of the conference. There will be a waiting room. When the conference is finished (approximately 12:00pm) all participants in the waiting room will be added before the chanting class starts.